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Creating happiness,

One project at a time.

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At the core of CASA is the notion that the intricate home building process can be a simple and happy experience for you.

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We will meet at our happiness center and hear the story of your house-to-be: what you need, what you like, how you like it and when you need it. We will also discuss the options we offer, how we build, what to expect from us and how we will go about building your home.

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We will look at your “needs and likes” and, in hand with your budget, put together an initial estimate your project cost as well as recommended options. You can count not only on our expertise in construction but also in the real estate market to make sure that your home is not only the place of your dreams but also a financially sound move.

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If the estimated costs work for you we will then put together the formal contract.  There we will detail all allowances for options like custom kitchen, fixtures, flooring, faucets and so on.  One last but not least important thing: the price you sign for in our contract is the amount will be paying at the end, guaranteed.  The only thing that will make that number to change will be that you add or modify anything on the original design that changes the cost, for instance upgrading your countertops.

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Execution &


This is the part that you will really enjoy.  We begin by setting you up with your very own client log-in to our project app. In there you will be able to closely follow the progress of the project, see pictures and videos, the outlook of the plan and projected schedule for next steps, pick options and communicate with us. We will also set up regular site visits so you can see for yourself the progress of the construction of your new home.

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You move into your new house! Now what? As with any new construction, materials will be settling, losing humidity, contracting or expanding for almost a year and that may cause some issues. However, you donʼt need to worry as we will be there to support you and our product.

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We offer an 8-year LUX Warranty program which includes a “bumper-to bumper” construction warranty for the first year and an additional 7-year coverage for major structural defects. Our warranty supplier is aware of our high standards of workmanship, therefore offering low-cost warranty extensions up to 20 years!

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