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Build happy is not just a process.

It's our DNA.

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Creating Happiness

One Project at a Time

At the core of CASA is the notion that the intricate process of building a home can be a simple and happy experience. 


Throughout the years working in the real estate industry, we came to understand that people were afraid of getting into the hassle of building a new home. The inability to honour budgets, lack of proper communication, lack of professional post-sale support, amongst others, were the common issues that were causing high levels of stress for people who were considering to build.


Determined to improve the lives of our clients, CASA was created. We are addressing those challenges and transforming the building process into a simplified, predictable and happy experience.

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Our CEO Jesus Machado is the visionary behind the "Build Happy" experience. Jesus has extensive experience in the real estate industry. After several years as a Realtor®, he proceeded to expand his market and founded his own construction company. From there, he proceeded to hire an experienced master builder and started to build custom homes. Whether it be a first-time buyer getting into her new home, a retiring couple being able to sell their place to downsize, an executive businessman finding the perfect home for his soon-to-move family, or simply building the perfect dream home for a family, getting to see a client’s happy face is what Jesus finds the most rewarding in his career. He prides himself on providing his clients with not just a stress-free experience - but a happy one.  Jesus offers his clients service in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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